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Notes of Video “Words that you can use in English or French”. 

In daily conversations, many Arabic speakers often use English or French words to sound more fluent and modern. This blending of languages, called code-switching, is especially common among the younger generation and in urban areas. Here are ten examples of such words frequently used instead of their Arabic counterparts. Understanding these can help you sound more like a native speaker. Let’s explore these words and their context in everyday Arabic. Incorporating these foreign terms into your speech can enhance communication and make interactions smoother.

Phonetic Script:  

3inde telmiz na7feh w moser yo7faz kil kelmeh bil 3arabe. W seret ayletlo alef marah mish kil kilmeh bil 3arabeh lezim titarjam. Khastan iza badak te7ke mitel el-natives. 


  1. Asenseur mish mis3ad
  2. Escalator mish daraj kahroba2e 
  3. Computer mish 7asoub 
  4. Credit card mish bita2et e2timen 
  5. Cellulaire mish jawal 
  6. Package mish tared 
  7. Autostrade mish tare2 el-sari3 
  8. Rond point mish douwwar
  9. Bus mish hafilah 
  10. Gateaux mish kaleb el-halwah 

Arabic script: 

عندي تلميذ نهفة ومصر يحفظ كل كلمة بالعربي. و صرت أيلتلو ألف مرة مش كل كلمة بالعربي لازم تترجم. خاصةً إذا بدك تحكي متل natives. 


  1. أسونسير مش مصعد
  2. أسكيلتر مش درج الكهربائي. 
  3. الكمبيوتر مش الحاسوب. 
  4. الكريدت كارد مش بطاقة إئتمان. 
  5. السلولار مش جوال. 
  6. الباكيج مش الطرد. 
  7. اوتستراد مش طريق السريع. 
  8. الرنبوان مش الدوار. 
  9. الباص مش الحافلة. 
  10. و الغاتو مش قالب الحلوة. 

English Translation: 

I have a very funny student who tends to memorize every word in Arabic and I have told him a million times that not every word in Arabic needs to be translated, especially if you want to sound like the natives.  


  1. Asenseur not mis3ad
  2. Escalator not daraj kahroba2e 
  3. Computer not 7asoub 
  4. Credit card not bita2et e2timen 
  5. Cellulaire not jawal 
  6. Package not tared 
  7. Autostrade not tare2 el-sari3 
  8. Rond point not douwwar
  9. Bus not hafilah 
  10. Gateaux not kaleb el-halwah 


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