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Philip G.

Searching through yelp to find Arabic lessons, I came across Nasma of New York, and boy was I glad I did! I’ve only taken about 15 lessons so far, but already with the way that Carol teaches, I feel confident in my ability to communicate the essentials in Arabic! I wasn’t sure how much I could actually learn in a short period of time, but Carol has a way of just making everything stick in your mind. Magic maybe? The cool thing is that you can take in person classes or through the phone, the schedule is flexible, and I’ll guarantee you’ll learn Arabic faster than you thought was possible! Give Nasma of New York and Carol a shot, you’ll be happy you did!

Nuša Ž.

I signed up for Arabic classes with Carol with no background in Arabic. I took 7 classes so far during which Carol introduced me to the alphabet and some basic conversational expressions. I was intimidated by the alphabet but Carol has a great way of explaining how letters work using visualization and association techniques. What’s more, I also successfully used an Arabic expression Carol taught me in a business call with native Arabic speakers, which I was very proud of. I take evening classes after work and usually come there tired – but Carol is always in a good mood and I always feel good leaving the class.

Amanda G.

My husband is Lebanese and I have been trying to learn Arabic for EIGHT YEARS!!  I tried a lot of different schools, books, tapes, etc.  From each method I would pick up a couple of things, but I was never able to gain any traction.  FINALLY, with Caroline’s coaching, I’ve been able to make progress!  My husband and I are able to practice together and I can finally have a meaningful conversation with his parents!  She is an excellent teacher, with a kind and positive approach.  I look forward to our classes together and I am so excited to finally have a grasp of Levantine arabic!!

Ruby L.

I have been studying Arabic off and on for the last ten years with little success, and I am happy to say I have finally found the way. With Carol I have deepened my knowledge and skill with the language in a remarkably short period of time. Carol makes it fun, accessible, and applicable. I never feel like I am wasting my time learning things that I can’t immediately put to use. Arabic is extremely challenging to study and learn, and Carol makes it almost seem easy. So worth it!

Karine T.

What a fantastic teacher! Extremely patient and thorough. She takes her time explaining each concept. Carol deserves a greater than five star review. I have always wanted to learn Arabic and thank God, we have found a gem. She is very knowledgeable, interesting and fun.  She has the uncanny ability to make any topic really interesting. We never have a boring minute with her (anjad, abadan!). Full of love, hospitable, embracing true qualities of Middle East! Carol is always ready to answer any questions.  I highly recommended!

Agata M.

Carol of Nasma of New York is absolutely a fantastic Arabic tutor!! Learning with her is just smooth and fun! She’s very clear, patient, and flexible. I am totally new to this language with no former background in Arabic and Carol just made me fall in love with this beautiful language! I’ve been travelling to the Middle East regularly now and it’s just really great to be able to communicate with the locals! I can’t praise her enough! She’s the best of the best!

Marielle O.

Nasma is the ideal place to learn Arabic if you’re based in NYC (for in-person lesson) or remotely (over Skype.) I’ve had the pleasure of doing both. Carol is an incredible teacher. She is enthusiastic and patient with the inevitably difficult process of learning Arabic. Nasma is a great place for learning the Levantine dialect (very practical option especially if you’re interested in the Levant region). Carol makes language learning fun, adapts the curriculum to your goals and learning needs, and is a joy to talk to each week.

Here’s what is included with Levantine Arabic, made easier membership:

Weekly Uploaded Videos)

(Weekly Homework + Correction)

(Access to Weekly Zoom Sessions)

(25% off everything)

(Private Facebook Group)

Why learn the Levantine Dialect?
Levantine dialect is a dialect spoken in the Middle East- Lebanon, Jordan, Palestine, and Syria. It’s also understood by everyone. This dialect will allow you to connect and speak with natives.
What curriculum will we use?
We will be using my very own curriculum. Elite schools in New York City use our curriculum. Check them out HERE!
What is the Level of the course?
Our initial launch of Levantine Arabic, made easier is geared towards our beginner audience. As we make our way to the intermediate and advanced level, additional videos will be available to keep the momentum going.
Who is this class for?
Multilingualism is so important. Not only will it help you connect with others but it can be a prized commodity when searching for a job. This class is designed for adults and young adults. It’s simple and easy.
What happens if I don’t know how to read or write Arabic?
Don’t know how to read Arabic? Don’t worry this class is written in phonetics!

This Levantine master class will be covering all my 3 textbooks; Ya Ahla w Sahla!, Shu fi ma fi?, and Nawartona!. Each week, I will be posting a section (4 videos).

  • Video 1: Explanation of the section from a lesson.
  • Video 2: Recap of important rules.
  • Video 3: Explanation of the homework.
  • Video 4: Solving the homework.
  • Video 5: Weekly Zoom Classes.  (Regular/ Premium Level)

In Regular & Premium Level, we will have weekly zoom meetings. In the group zoom meetings, you will be able to ask me all the questions you have. Can’t make the zoom calls? Don’t worry you will also have access to a private Facebook group. You can ask me all your questions there! You will also be able to watch all the Zoom meetings that you missed in your account! They are all recorded! It’s all about flexibility! You will learn anywhere you are and at your own pace!

We offer a weekly online video classes that you try out on a 14-Day trial, then pay for a yearly subscription.


(Technically, we hold $1 refundable on your card for the 14 days during the trial.)



(FREE 14 Day Trial, then $119.64/yearly)

Access to Weekly Uploaded Videos,

plus Homework, & Corrections.




(FREE 14 Day Trial, then $179.64/yearly)

Access to Weekly Upoaded Videos,

Homework, Corrections &

Weekly Zoom Classes



(FREE 14 Day Trial, then $299.64 yearly)

Access to Weekly Upoaded Videos,

Homework, Corrections &

Weekly Zoom Classes &

25% Off Private Classes, packages, & books.

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