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Arabic is the 5th spoken language in the world and we want you to enjoy learning it in a fun way. We offer several dialects Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) and Levantine Dialect. Levantine is a broad dialect of Arabic spoken in the Eastern Mediterranean coastal strip. It is considered one of the five major varieties of Arabic. In the frame of the general diglossia status of the Arab world, Levantine Arabic is used for daily spoken use, and is part of Eastern Arabic (known as Mashriqi Arabic) that includes Mesopotamian Arabic and peninsular Arabic along with Levantine. Whether you choose to speak like a Beiruti or a Shami, Carol has got you covered!

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Arabic Class



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Meet Nasma students who enrolled in our conversation classes:


Cornell Burnette

Director of Investor Relations at Ahold Delhaize

Carol is an absolutely fabulous teacher, who has provided Arabic lessons for my 11 year old daughter and myself over the past 3 years. Carol brings an enthusiastic approach to each lesson and is a great transmitter of the language, as well as the broader culture. This has certainly enriched the knowledge base of both my daughter and myself. I would highly recommend Carol’s services to anyone interested in learning the language and culture of the Levant.

Colin Nagy

Marketer | Columnist, Skift

Super teacher. Great one on one and also has been developing incredible digital channels (youtube for specific topics, as well as narrative driven podcasts). Highly recommended. Also just a kind, nice person as well!






Jonathan Azar Pride

Director Of Business Development at Optima Fund Management, Inc.

Carol is a truly wonderful Arabic instructor and has become a good friend. She is highly professional and thoughtful with how she develops her Lebanese dialect curricula for her students. I’m Fluent in Arabic in part thanks to Carol, but I still learn from her in every discussion. Highly recommended!






Sahr Muhammedally

MENA & South Asia Director at Center for Civilians in Conflict (CIVIC)

Carol Haidar is an innovative teacher of Levantine Arabic. She inspires her students to apply different ways of studying Arabic through dialogue, listening, short informal chat sessions with real world situations, and she brings in rich Lebanese culture into the curriculum. She motivates her students, even busy one’s like myself who have full time and demanding jobs, to not give up and is accommodating with schedules. She also adapts her teaching to student needs from conversational to technical, as she did with me for my work. I highly recommend Carol as a Arabic teacher.

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