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The Levantine Arabic, made easier one word at a time.  Learn daily vocabulary by following us on Instagram.

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The Levantine Arabic, made easier podcast is a short weekly chat from which your host, Carol Haidar, founder of NASMA gives true bilingual stories from across the globe. Stories shared by her students, friends, and her experiences. Stories of love, travel, food, culture, family secrets, politics, and destination unknown. This Arabic podcast is for intermediate level learners but if you get lost don’t worry we will be checking in throughout the story.

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We will have weekly zoom meetings. In the group zoom meetings, you will be able to ask me all the questions you have. Can’t make the zoom calls? Don’t worry you can email us your questions and we will make sure we cover the answer there! You will also be able to watch all the Zoom meetings that you missed in your account! They are all recorded! It’s all about flexibility! You will learn anywhere you are and at your own pace!
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Frequent video tips on the Levantine Arabic language.

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Kids Group Classes - Fall Registration
Join our community that challenges and nurtures fun, individual, and community-based growth. “Nasma Levantine classes” is handing down the Levantine heritage to the next generation with a shared, fun, rewarding, and safe environment, through diverse activities and programs. We look forward teaching our children the mother tongue language of our parents and grandparents. This class has been developed on numerous requests from parents to get an early start on teaching the Levantine language to their children. With the help of my amazing, devoted team, the curriculum has been developed to give a crash course and introductory verbal teachings to the minor youth.

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A space where anyone can come to learn about the Middle Eastern Culture without engaging in religion or politics.  Nasma offers classes for both Adults and Kids.  Nasma helps children develop creativity, intellect, and broaden their view of the world by creating a space where cultural activities (from Arts to Language) are shared.

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