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A space where anyone can come to learn about the Middle Eastern Culture without engaging in religion or politics.  Nasma offers classes for both Adults and Kids.  Nasma helps children develop creativity, intellect, and broaden their view of the world by creating a space where cultural activities (from Arts to Language) are shared.

Explore the Middle East by learning Arabic

We are Nasma of NY, and by teaching the language of Arabic we hope to introduce people to the beauty of the Arab world. Nasma of NY offers Arabic classes for children and adults, private lessons, cultural enrichment activities, and plenty of other ways to learn and experience Middle Eastern culture. Though we are based in New York and are happy to offer in-person lessons for those living in the great city, most of our efforts go towards helping people learning Arabic online. Whether you’re a conversational expert or are just starting to learn the Arabic alphabet, we can help you learn and grow. Read on to learn more about us and what we have to offer.


Who We Are


Carol Haidar is the founder of Nasma. After living in the Middle East for most of her life, Carol moved to New York in 2013 and was quickly enchanted away by the city’s liveliness. But Carol, living in a place so different from her homeland, started to feel a little disconnected from her roots. Her solution was to teach, helping people learn Arabic online and in schools. In that way, she reconnected with her homeland, and through language, she helps others experience the history and beauty of the Arab world. In her ten years as a teacher of Arabic, Carol has developed curricula suitable for adults and children. She made use of these curricula when she started teaching Arabic for schools and other organizations, and they now form the backbone of our educational programs at Nasma.

Carol has also written a series of textbooks for adult learners and a set of children’s stories in the Levantine dialect. Early in her career, she was disappointed in the quality of Arabic language textbooks: they helped people learn to speak the language, but none of them helped people speak the culture. Carol wanted to fill that gap, so she wrote an Arabic textbook series and steeped it in the culture of the Middle East.

Since its founding, Nasma has expanded its staff and now offers multiple learning options for children and adults. All of our teaching staff are eager to help students of all ages and inspire and challenge the minds of children. And through learning the language, every student will glimpse the beauty of the Arab world.


What We Do


Nasma teaches learners of all ages in a variety of educational formats. There are so many benefits to learning a new language: adventurers can converse freely in faraway places, entrepreneurs can strike deals, and children’s minds blossom as they take in a new language. Best of all, all of our students will experience the richness of Middle Eastern culture.

We offer several options for instruction.

  1. Private Instruction. If you learn best one-on-one, then you might be interested in taking a private lesson. With the help of one of our dedicated tutors, you can learn Levantine Arabic or Modern Standard Arabic in no time. Lessons are available in-person for those in New York City, but learning Arabic online with the help of Skype or Facetime is the best option for most these days.
  2. Learn Arabic … for kids! Our kids’ programs instruct children in groups of five in several different age groups. Your child will experience Middle Eastern culture through songs, music, and storytelling, and will learn some basic phrases in the Levantine dialect of Arabic in a challenging and fun environment.
  3. Levantine Masterclass. For learners fourteen and older, this is the perfect way to learn Arabic from the ground up. For lesson one, you will learn the Arabic alphabet, but before long you’ll be holding conversations with your classmates. Each week of the masterclass features instructional videos, homework, a Zoom class, and access to a private Facebook group in which to ask your questions. Work at your own pace: there is no set schedule. Sign up now for a 14-day free trial!

The curricula and the textbooks for adults and children were all written by Nasma founder, Carol Haidar. Books are available as paperbacks or as PDFs.


“It Looks So Complicated! How Can I Learn the Arabic Alphabet Online?”


If you don’t know the first word of Arabic, don’t worry! We’ve designed our programs to teach all learners from the ground up, both children and adults. You’ll start by spelling and sounding out the letters and go right up to conversational Arabic. If you find flowing Arabic script to be a little intimidating—understandable if you’re used to these Latin letters—you’ll be pleased to know that our textbooks use both Arabic script and Latinized phonetics. That way, you can learn how to speak, read, and write all at the same time.


Explore before You Sign Up


If you’re not ready to take the plunge and sign up for your first lesson in Arabic, why don’t you check out some of our free options?

  1. Daily Word. Build your Levantine Arabic vocabulary one word at a time: follow us on Instagram for our word of the day.
  2. Our Levantine Arabic Made Easier podcast is uploaded weekly: our founder, Carol Haidar, shares her and other’s stories, covering travel, culture, politics, and much else besides. The podcast is best appreciated by those with some knowledge of Levantine Arabic.
  3. Tips on YouTube. Check out our YouTube channel for all sorts of little Arabic lessons, covering greetings, how to order coffee and the basics of Arabic grammar. You can even learn how to make Lebanese hummus under the expert tutelage of Carol Haidar.
  4. Free Trial. Interested in our masterclass? Try it out for free: for fourteen days, you can have free access to our Levantine Arabic masterclass, including instructional videos, homework (yay!), Zoom classes, and the private Facebook group where you can ask all your questions.

Still not sure? Feel free to contact us if you have any questions, or subscribe to our email list to receive updates about Nasma and our offerings.

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