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“Mimi’s Adventures” story series is finally here!

I have been working on this project for a while, and the first series from “Mimi’s Adventures” is finally here to pre order.
The topics of the stories are unique, not only because they are written in the Levantine dialect, they also bring the beauty of the Arab culture to our little ones living abroad. 

Each story brings us closer to home, closer to our Levantine culture, that maybe you as parents have lived it and experienced it, and may want to share these memories with your Children.

Original Price $50. You can buy full series in $45

Levantine Book 1

Story 1: Talks about Mimi, who lives in NY with her family and her dog, and preparing herself to visit her grandparents in Lebanon.

Levantine Book 2

Story 2: Takes us back to Mimi’s origin, a quite and beautiful village in Lebanon. Her Teta shows her how to get every morning from the chicken cage, fresh eggs laid by her chicken. .

Levantine Book 3

Story 3: Mimi and her Teta go on a trip to “Amo Abu Rami’s supermarket”. They will bake delicious “Ma’amoul” from fresh eggs.

Levantine Book 4

Story 4: Mimi and her Jido go the neighborhood bakery to make “Manaesh Za’atar w Jibneh” for breakfast.

Levantine Book 5

Story 5: Mimi and her family go on a picnic by the river to swim and eat.

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