Welcome to the 1st episode of Levantine Arabic, made easier season 2.

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In this episode I interview Mark Hachem, we spoke about his video that went viral, how did he start, and what are his coming plans. 

Below are some vocabularies that we used throughout the episode. 

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1. Nas/ ناس: People

2. Netefe2/ نتفق: We agree

3. Dayfe/ ضيفي: My guest 

4. Mod7ek/ مضحك: Funny

5. El-hay2ah/ الحيقة: Seems/ apparently 

6. Bil nesbeh ele/ بالنسبة لإلي: According to me 

7. Faja2ne/ فاجأني: Surprised me 

8. Ta2aleed/ تقليد: Customs/ traditions 

9. Sh-hadeh/ شهادة: Degree/ certificate 

10. Da3em/ دعم: Support 

11. Ro7 el-nekteh/ روح النكتة: Sense of humor 

12. Hadaf/ هدف: Goal

13. By-ze3-jak/ بيزعجك: Bother you (masculine)

14. Fatesh/ فتش: Search/ look for 

15. Feel/ جيل: Generation

16. Zawej el-madaneh/ زاوج المدني: Civil marriage 

17. Erbeh/ قربة: Closeness

18. Karameh/ كرامة: Generosity 

19. Emet el-3ayleh/ قيمة العيلة: Family value 

20. Twafa2et/ توفقت: Got lucky/ worked out