I’ve been following Sara for few years now & she is an inspiration to me and to many women. She is one strong willed woman who has exemplified overcoming her disability through success. Sara Minkara became legally blind when she was 7 years old and there is a lot to learn from her.

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In this episode we discussed the right terms to use for people with disability in Arabic, a run down of her day, her struggles, and her dreams.

Below are our top 20 vocabulary picks. 

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1. Jam3iyeh/ جمعية: Organization 

2. Damej/ دمج: Merge/ integrate 

3. I3aqah/ إعاقة: Disability 

4. Kaf Basar/ كف بصر: Blindness

5. Thowet 7ajet khasah/ ذوي الاحتياجات الخاصة: People with special needs. 

6. Bitzel/ بتزل: Degrades 

7. Mojtama3/ مجتمع: Society 

8. Nazrah/ نظرة: Vision 

9. Na2es/ نقص: Less than or missing something 

10. Marad/ مرض: Sickness 

11. 3dame/ عظامي: My bones

12. Sob7an Allah/ سبحان الله: A phrase said to recognize what God gives or makes. 

13. 7ajer al-manzele/ الحجر المنزلي: Quarantine 

14. 7okomeh/ حكومي: Government 

15. Saley/ صلي: I pray

16. Tabi3iyen/ طبيعياً: Naturally/ normally 

17. Awled/ أولاد: Kids 

18. Jeme3/ جامع: Mosque 

19. 3arbashet/ عربشت: I climbed 

20. Za7latet/ ذحلتط: I slided


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