10 years ago, the American University of Beirut launched a very unique program that remains unique in the Middle East- University for Seniors. Today’s seniorswant to remain intellectually challenged and socially engaged, actively contributing to their community. Our seniors are accomplished, energetic, sociable, and generous. They have valuable life and professional experiences to share.

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Amani Zaidan who is the program coordinator at UFS chats about UFS and its benefits.  

Make sure to check below our top 20 picks vocabulary from this episode. 

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by Nick Petrov


1. Khamseen/ خمسين: Fifty 

2. Shareq El-Awsat/ شرق الأوسط: Middle East

3. Ahdef/ أهداف: Goals

4. N7areb/ نحارب: We fight

5. Shay-khokhah/ شيخوخة: Aging 

6. So7iyeh/ صحية: Healthy

7. Salimeh/ سليمة: Peacefully 

8. Momakanin/ ممكنين: Empowering

9. Qadirean/ قادرين: Capable 

10. Fe3elin/ فعالين: Active 

11. Lejneh/ لجنة: Committee

12. Ara2/ أراء: Opinions 

13. Temyeez/ تمييز: Discrimination 

14. Mo7adarat/ محاضرات: Lectures

15. Mabade2/ مبادئ: Principles 

16. Iqtisad/ إقتصاد: Economics 

17. Tarikh/ تاريخ: History 

18. Mwazaf/ موظف: Employee

19. Sot/ صوت: Voice 

20. Takalifna/ تكليفنا : Our expenses