Certified face yoga instructor, Chloe Hourani known on Instagram as @faceyogawithchloe  discusses in this episode everything you need to know about face yoga. 

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Friends I’ve tried it myself and face yoga does miracles! The best thing about it is that, all you need is your clean hands to practice anywhere you are. 

Make sure to check out our Top 20 Vocabulary picks from this episode below. 

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Music by: Stay Young

by Nick Petrov


1. Ma3rofeh/ معروفة: Known 

2. Raqisah Mo7tarifah/ راقصة محتريفة: Professional dancer

3. Rbe7it/ ربحت: I won 

4. Nitmaran/ نتمرن: We practice 

5. Jildeh/ جلدة: Skin

6. Taja3id/ تجاعيد: Wrinkles 

7. Smom/ سموم: Extra fluids/ toxins 

8. Intiqadet/ انتقادات: Critics 

9. Bida7ko/ بضحكو: Funny

10. Ktashafta/ كتشفتا: Discovered it 

11. Yit2abala/ يتقبلا: Accept it 

12. Nateyej/ نتايج: Results 

13. 3adalet/ عضلات: Muscles 

14. Lsen/ لسان: Tongue 

15. Mortabet/ مرتبط: Connected, attached 

16. Qorod/ قروض: Loans 

17. Jesemna/ جسمنا: Our body 

18. 3yone/ عيوني: My eyes

19. Mekhtelef/ مختلف: Different 

20. Tanafos/ تنفس: Breathing