Podcasts have been increasingly popular in recent years. You might be surprised to learn that podcasts have grown extremely popular as a language learning tool for languages such as Arabic.

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Podcasts are usually lighthearted and brief. They provide an easy-to-understand instruction that most learners with hectic lives can easily swallow. There are numerous Arabic podcasts available for students of all levels and dialects.


Simple & Easy Arabic

This one is great for Levantine Arabic students and has a unique teaching technique. It helps you develop your listening skills by telling you short stories that are slowly spoken and then explaining the words. However, you must support them on Patreon in order to gain access to the lesson materials.


El Bulbul

This 30-episode podcast is intended for high intermediate Jordanian Arabic learners. It is produced by Harilyn from theLevanTongue. The episodes feature authentic Jordanian Arabic dialogues, and the course transcripts/notes can be purchased on her website.



One of our favourite podcasts on the list, as well as one of the most intriguing for intermediate learners or those transitioning from MSA to Egyptian. Nesrin, the host, uses a variety of subjects from Modern Standard Arabic news stories to teach Egyptian Arabic. It’s also updated frequently.


Real Arabic

A podcast about Levantine Arabic produced in Beirut by an Irish woman and a Syrian national. There are some intriguing subjects discussed, as well as some useful Levantine material for listening practise, but keep in mind that this is yet another overtly political podcast that may only appeal to a tiny group of listeners.


Arabic In 60 Steps

This podcast is mostly religious in character and is produced by a British non-native Arabic speaker with ‘average’ pronunciation. The podcast’s creator, Sam, discusses a wide range of themes relating to the Quran and Hadeeth, the most of which is in English. It’s still extremely educational, however I believe he rushes through the episodes and has to slow down.


The Arabic We Speak

Dalal and Amani, two Jordanian ladies, have produced close to 50 episodes on Levantine Arabic thus far.
This fantastic podcast is unique in that it features brief, easy-to-understand discussions with associated worksheets available on their website. They’ve worked hard on their lesson worksheets as well.


Salis – Learn Egyptian Arabic

Sondos, the Egyptian host, has already produced more than 50 episodes on a variety of Egyptian Arabic topics. Some are focused on grammar, while others are more themed, such as teaching phrases or dialogue. The episodes are short, which is ideal if you only have a few minutes to study.



ArabicPod101 offers a wealth of free podcasts and YouTube videos. It is appropriate for students of all levels, albeit it may be more useful to beginners and extreme novices than to advanced students. The dialects are dispersed; it’s largely a Moroccan and MSA resource with some Egyptian content thrown in for good measure. Regrettably, this is not usually clearly classified. They should have concentrated on one dialect or divided them into separate courses.


Talk In Arabic

Talk In Arabic is a complex resource for 8 major dialects of Arabic that offers podcast-style courses, among other things. At all levels of difficulty, the podcast classes focus on specific grammatical, conversational, or listening subjects. This is the only resource of its kind dedicated to teaching spoken Arabic dialects.

Check out their podcast here


Levantine Arabic, made easier

Carol Haidar, Nasma Of NY’s founder and a Lebanese native, has created a podcast for Levantine Arabic students in which she interviews people in Arabic on a variety of issues. It’s best suited for intermediate to advanced Arabic students. It’s quite useful as a language learning tool.

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