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Notes of Video “Cheap”. 

Phonetic Script:  

Bakheel, ke7te, 3ayno mish shab3aneh, w rkheas kamen!? Arba3 mostala7at fikon tsta3emloha la tosfu ‘a cheap person’ and these are some examples. 

  1. Daharet mara ana w rfe2ah w re7na la neshtre shi nekloh. Lama sar lezim nedfa3 el-fatourah, aletle’ al heye nesyeh el-portmpne’. Mish 3alye hal 7araket! Hayde 7arakeh rkhisah
  2. Daharte awal marah ma3 shab w kento date w dafa3ek el-fatourah? Eh hayda akid sha-khes ke7te, ba3de 3ano!
  3. Kil ma bteje la3inde btekhod ot3et tyeb w ma bitreda? Mish ma32ol 3ayna mish shab3aneh! 
  4. Byedhar ma3 as7abo w lama bteje el-fatourah byekhtefeh? Eh hayda miyeh bil miyeh bakhil! 

Arabic script: 

بخيل وكحتي وعينه مش شبعانة ورخيص كمان اربع مصطلحات فيكن تستعملوها لتوصفوا شخص يخيل، و هايدول بعض الامثلة:

١- ضهرت مرة انا ورفيقة ورحنا لنشتري شيء ناكله لما صار لازم ندفع الفاتورة قالت لي هي ناسية البورتمونيه، مش عليي هالحركات  هيدي حركة رخيصة.

٢- ضهرتي أول مرة مع شب وكنتو دايت و دفعك الفاتورة اي هيدا اكيد شخص كحتي بعدي عنه.

٣- كل ما بتجي لعندي بتاخد قطعة ثياب وما بتردها مش معقول عينها مش شبعانه

٤- بيضهر مع اصحابه ولما بتيجي الفاتورة بيختفي اي هيدا مية بالمية بخيل.

English Translation: 

Bakheel, ke7te, 3ayno mish shab3aneh, w rkheas as well!? 4 terms you can use to describe ‘a cheap person’ and these are some examples. 

  1. I went out with my friend to grab a bite, when it was time to pay she told me that she forgot her wallet. These moves don’t pass me! This is a cheap person! 
  2. You went out with a guy on a date and he made you pay for the bill? This guy is definitely stingy, stay away from him! 
  3. Eveytime she comes over she takes a piece of my clothes, and doesn;t return it? Unbelievable ‘her eye is not full’. 
  4. He goes out with his buddies and when the bill comes he disappears? He is 100% cheap! 


4 Stingy Phrases Masculine Feminine Notes (if any)
Cheap Rkhis Rkhisah It could also be used for objects as well. Like a cheap restaurant or a cheap book. But when using it with humans, it means stingy. 
Stingy  Ke7te Ke7tiyeh
“Eye not full” 3ayno mish shab3aneh 3ayna mish shab3aneh Another phrase to describe someone cheap
Stingy  Ke7te Ke7tiyeh
Stingy Bakhil Bakhileh
More useful vocabulary Masculine Feminine Notes (if any)
Not on me Mish 3alaye’ Same In other words, ‘I don’t buy it’
Unbelievable Mish ma32ol Same
To disappear Byekh-tefe Btekh-tefe Root verb: Kh-tafa

Imperfect (Ykh-tefe)

100 percent  Miyeh bil miyeh Very useful phrase and has no gender. 


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The Arabic language, rich in its expressive vocabulary, has several nuanced terms to describe the concept of stinginess. Each one of these words convey different shades of unwillingness to share or spend. This diversity not only highlights the depth of Arabic but also its cultural emphasis on generosity and the social importance of distinguishing between various degrees of frugality. Understanding these terms offers a fascinating insight into the values and linguistic richness of the Arab world. For more on the beauty of the Arabic language and its intricate vocabulary, stay tuned to our next video! For now watch the video again!