Learning Levantine Arabic expressions, learners gain deeper insights into the language, improve their communication skills, and enhance their overall linguistic proficiency. Today’s new video I shared on Instagram is about 5 new expressions you need to learn when learning Levantine Arabic or Lebanese Arabic. I recommend watching the video first at the bottom of this blog, then try again while reading the script, and finally take a look at the notes to pick your favorite ones to add to your flashcards! Enjoy!

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Notes of Video “Slang2”. 

Phonetic Script:  

Khams ta3abir jded byesta3emlohon ahel el-balad, w enta kamen lezim tista3melon el-yom. 

  1. Asle ya3ne original or authentic: mnesta3mela la nusuf shakhes aw rfea2 bn7eso wafe’ w ghale’. 
  2. Khosh-bosh: ana w yeh khosh-bos. Mnesta3mela la nusuf 3ale2ah bayne w ben shakhes ktir 2rab w merte7in ma3 ba3ed. 
  3. Salbe’: mish ma32ol ente shu salbeh. Salbe’ ya3ne 7ada ktir cool. 
  4. Rekbet jeyeh min verb ‘yerkab’ ya3ne to ride. Bnesta3mela lama badna n2ol inu el-mawdo3 meshe 7alo. Khalas meshe 7alo rekbet. 
  5. W ekher kelmeh: galobs ya3ne lezim ro7 aw fel leave. W ana kamen sar lezim ru7. 

Arabic script: 

خمس تعابير جداد بيستعملوهن اهل البلد وانت كمان لازم تستعملهم اليوم.

  1. أصلي يعني اوريخنل او اوثنتك منستعملها لنوصف شخص او رفيق منحسه وفي وغالي.
  2. خوش بوش، انا واياه خوش بوش منستعملها لنوصف علاقة بيني وبين شخص نحن كتير  قراب ومرتاحين مع بعض . 
  3. مش معقول انت شو سلبي، سلبي يعني حدا كتير كول .
  4. ركبت جايه من فعل يركب يعني تو ريد، منستعملها لما بدنا نقول انه الموضوع مشي حاله، خلص مشي الحال ركبت.
  5. و آخر كلمة غالوبس (Gallopse) يعني لازم روح او فل ليف.

 و انا كمان صار لازم روح بس قبل ما روح ما تنسوا تعلقوا.

English Translation: 

Five new expressions used by natives that you need to start using from today. 

  1. Asleh means original or authentic. We use it to describe a friend that we feel is loyal and valuable. 
  2. Khosh-bosh, him and I are khosh-bosh. We use it to describe a person we are very close and comfortable with. 
  3. Salbe’, unbelievable how cool you are. Salbe’ means a very cool person. 
  4. Rekbet, comes from the verb to yerkab which means ‘to ride’. We use it to say everything is under control and it’s all good. 
  5. And the last word is Gallops which means I need to go or leave. I also need to leave. 


Vocabulary Masculine Feminine Notes (if any)
Authentic or original  Asle’ Asliyeh Could also be used to say an object is original or authentic. Example: Hayda el-gezden asle’. This purse is original. 
Buddies with each other  Khosh-bosh Khosh-bosh It’s an expression and doesn’t have gender. 
Cool  Salbe’ Salbe’ It’s an expression and doesn’t have gender.  
All good/ worked out  Rekbet Comes from the verb to ride ‘Yerkab’
Leave Gallops  It’s an expression and doesn’t have gender.  


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