Welcome to our blog! Today, we’re going to learn the names of body parts in Arabic. This guide is perfect for anyone curious about Arabic or wanting to expand their vocabulary.

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Arabic is a beautiful and rich language. By learning the words for different body parts, you’ll not only improve your language skills but also gain a deeper understanding of another culture. 

By now, you know how much I love teaching you new things, especially Arabic expressions. In this post, we’ll explore some daily Arabic phrases that include body part words.

We’ll go from head to toe, covering all the basics. Ready to start learning? Let’s dive in!

Arabic Expression Literal Meaning  Definition 
3ala rase’ / على راسي On my head You are welcome/ You got it
Min 3youne / من عيوني From my eyes  Of course my pleasure 
Min timak la bweb el-samah /من تمك لأبواب السماء From your mouth to the doors of the sky May your wishes come true
Toli3 el-sha3er 3ala el-seneh / طلع الشعر ع لساني Hair grew on my tongue  When someone doesn’t listen to you
Yale’ fee saleh ta7et batou btin3aru / يلي في سلة تحت باطه بتنعره Whoever has a basket under their armpit will punch them  A person who feels offended will be offended 
La ejre’ /  اجري To my leg  I don’t care 
Salem Dayetek/ak / سلم دياتِك Bless your hands Thank you especially when someone cooks for you or gets you a gift. 


More Body Parts in Arabic 

Body Jesem / Ajsem (pl) جسم (ج) اجسام
Skin Jeled  جلد
Head Ras / Rus رأس (ج) رؤوس
Brain Dmagh / Admegha (pl) دماغ (ج) ادمغة
Hair Sha3er شَعر
Face Wej / Wjoh وجه (ج) وجوه
Eye 3ein / 3yun عين (ج) عيون
Eye brows  7ajeb /  7wejeb حاجب (ج) حواجب 
Ears Dayneh / Daynen دينه (ج) دينان
Nose Munkhar منخار
Mouth Tim تم
Tongue Lsen لسان
Armpits Bat باط
Hand Eid / Eiden  ايد / ايدان
Tummy Batten  بطن
Thighs Fakhed / Fkhad فخد (ج) فخاد


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