Not so sure that you can pick up a new language? Select one that is simpler for native English speakers to take the quick cut. Some languages are close to English geographically, historically, or grammatically. Here are a few excellent options.

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You probably aren’t shocked to learn that Spanish is the most popular language. Given its global dominance and ubiquity in the US, Spanish is a language that is frequently used. Additionally, English speakers find it to be one of the simplest languages to learn. Since Spanish is a Romance language, it has numerous words in common with English, such as “telephone” (teléfono). Also, words are generally pronounced phonetically, so what you see is generally what you get. If you reside in an English-speaking nation, you will undoubtedly hear Spanish spoken by people nearby, on the radio, or on television, providing you with plenty of practise opportunities.



Despite not being quite as simple to learn as the other Romance languages on this list, French is a language that tens of millions of people throughout the world speak. The biggest advantage for English speakers, like with other Romance languages, is the enormous vocabulary that they share. Due to the history of wars, conquests, shared lands, and cultural exchange between France and England, this vocabulary of common terms is bigger than average. It’s interesting to see how many French words have gradually made their way into English and vice versa (e.g., they say “le week-end,” we say “à la carte,” etc.).



Italian continues to be a favourite among users despite not being quite as popular as the other languages on this list. You must already have a variety of Italian cuisine on your list of go-to meals, and chances are you’ve picked up the odd vocabulary word (Marone! Mangia!) from movies and television. Because of how close these two languages are to one another, speakers of Spanish and Italian frequently have conversations with one another in their mother tongues. It won’t be difficult for you to learn Italian quickly if you already have a solid foundation in Spanish.



The official language of India’s government is Hindi. It is spoken in the country’s northern and central regions. It is third among the most spoken languages in the world when combined with Urdu. The US, UK, and Canada have all been profoundly influenced by Indian culture and language. Hindi and English currently do share a large number of vocabulary words. Hindi can be one of the most helpful languages for a worldwide traveller to know if you’re prepared for the challenge.


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