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Exploring Levantine Arabic: 5 Ways to Comment on Gossip

In the vibrant and expressive world of Levantine Arabic, gossip is an art form all its own. Whether you’re in the bustling streets of Beirut, the cozy cafes of Amman, or the vibrant souks of Damascus, the way people talk about rumors and stories adds color and life to everyday conversations. In this blog post, we will dive into five distinct ways to comment on gossip in Levantine Arabic, showcasing the rich cultural nuances and linguistic flair of the region. From playful banter to serious speculation, these expressions will give you a deeper understanding of how gossip weaves through the social fabric of the Levant.

قال و قيل: Said & Said

#1 Arabic Phonetics  Translation (word to word)
Gossip: مايا!! عرفتي انو جو طلق مرته.  Maya 3refte inu Joe tala2 marto? Maya did you know that Joe divorced his wife?
Comment: لا بلا مزح La! Bala Maze7! No, no stop joking


#2 Arabic Phonetics  Translation (word to word)
Gossip: لو بتعرفي شو صار معي اليوم Law bta3rfe shu sar ma3e elyom! If you know what happened to me today! 
Comment: خلصيني احكي شو Khalsine’ e7ke shu? Rescue me, speak what?


#3 Arabic Phonetics  Translation (word to word)
Gossip: حزري شو قال لي صاحب الشغل اليوم 7zare’ shu ale sa7eb el-ghoghol el-yom? Guess what my boss told me today?
Comment: خير ان شاء الله شو Kheir* inshallah shu?!  Good news, good wishes, what is it?


#4 Arabic Phonetics  Translation (word to word)
Gossip: على فكرة لينا ما عزمتني على عرسها 3ala fekrah, Lina ma 3azametne 3ala 3ersah! By the way, Lina did not invite me to her wedding! 
Comment: لا ما بصدق شو وقحة Ma bsade2 shu we27a!  I can’t believe her audacity! 


#5 Arabic Phonetics  Translation (word to word)
Gossip: عرفتي انو سارا لقت شغل جديد بالبنك 3refte inu Sarah la2et shughul bil bank? Did you know that Sarah found a job in the bank?
Comment: ممم اكيد واسطة Mmm akid wasta**! Mmm of course it is through connections!


Understanding the nuances of commenting on gossip in Levantine Arabic not only enhances one’s communication skills but also underscores the cultural intricacies of interpersonal dynamics. By exploring these various methods, individuals can choose how to best navigate the delicate balance between curiosity and discretion in their social interactions.

** Defining “Kheir” and “Wasta” in Levantine Arabic- Click here to read and check the examples. 

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