Hey folks! So, today I unleashed a brand-spankin’-new reel giving my mom the Mother’s Day greeting she deserves! Brace yourselves, it’s sarcastic, but hey, truth is stranger than fiction, am I right? 😄 I suggest you hit play on the reel first, then dive into the script. Trust me, it’s like a secret sauce for learning: visual reinforcement, vocab boost, and it even helps you decipher pronunciation and grammar! 📽️📚

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As usual, I’ve provided you the script in both phonetics, Arabic script, and the translation of course! Below you will also find some useful notes & vocabulary list to add to your flashcards!

Enjoy the show and let the linguistic adventures begin! 🎉

Phonetic Script:  

Yin3ad 3ala kil el-emeyet b dene w khasatan eme yale b7eba w bmut fiha.

Bade elek merci ktir 3ala kil kaf ra7 w kil kaf eja. Fazi3ah shu saweebeh! Kif ma kabayte el-mesheye btseab! W ma badna ninsa ma3la2et el-khashab, hayde kenit rfe2it eme el-intime. Ya wayle shu kenit tiz3al lama titkasar!

Wala shad el-sha3er, wala el-arsah. “Shu bade etzakar la etzakar”. La2 la2 bus 3anjad b7ebek ktir. W Allah ykhalile yeke’.

Arabic script: 

ينعاد على كل الامّيات بالدني وخاصتاً امي يلي بحبها وبموت فيها،

بدي قلك ميرسي (شكراً)، على كل كف راح وكل كف اجى، فظيعة شو صييبة، كيف ما كبيتي المشايه بتصيب. وما بدنا ننسى معلقة الخشب هيدي كانت رفيقة امي الأنتيم، ( المقربة) يا ويلي شو كانت تزعل لم تتكسّر. ولا شد الشعر ولا القرصة شو بدي اتذكر لا أتذكر.

لا لا بس عنجد بحبك كتير والله يخليلي ياكي.

English Translation:

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers in the world, particularly my mom whom I love and “I die in her”.

I want to tell you thank’s a lot for every slap that went and every slap that came. Unbelievable how accurate! No matter how you throw the slipper it hits! And we don’t want to forget the wooden spoon, it was my mom’s best friend. Oh dear, how she got sad when it breaks. Or the hair pulling, or the pinch. What can I remember to remember?

No no but really I love you so much and may God keep you near me.


Word Masculine Feminine Notes (if any)
I die in her Bmout fiha Bmout fih We say it to express a deep love towards something or someone.

Ex: Ana bmout fiha la Tabouleh. (I die in her *Tabouleh.  

Best friend or close friend Intime Same In Lebanese Arabic, we use the french word intime for best friend.
A lot of my plate Shu bade etzakar la etzakar We use this phrase in two different scenarios:

1. when there are a large amount of tasks or responsibilities to manage at one time and you can’t keep up with remembering them.

2. When you can’t remember things because it’s an overwhelming experience.


The following words are also helpful to study:

Slap Kaf
Hair Sha3er
To Pull Yshed (shad)
Pinch Arsah

Below are my 3 favorite ways to greet Moms on mother’s day! Grab your phone and let’s text her!

Happy Mother’s Day to the nicest mom in the world.


Yin3ad 3laike ya a7la em b el-dene’ ينعاد عليكي يا أحلى إم بالدنية
May God make longer your age & keep you on top of my head.


Allah ytawel b3omrek w dale’ fo2 rase الله يطول بعمرك وضلي فوق راسي
The greatest book that I have read: my mother.


A3zam kteb 2’reeto: eme أعظم كتاب قرأته : أمي


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