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Notes of Video “Smelly Armpits”. 

Friendship is built on honesty, even when it’s uncomfortable. Recently, I had to muster the courage to talk to my dear friend about a sensitive issue—her smelly armpits. I approached her with kindness and care because I knew it was affecting her confidence. Sharing this truth was hard, but it strengthened our bond and allowed her to find a solution. Here’s how I navigated that tricky conversation and why it was the right thing to do.

Phonetic Script:  

I know a girl who has a bad body odor. Even though her house is neat, her clothes are always clean and tidy. But I don’t know why I always smell that she has a bad armpits odor. I mean it happens with everyone- but I felt I needed to tell her because I don’t want this thing to be harming her and making people avoid her. 

A new story shared by you. Let’s talk about it in Arabic. 

Look what I told her “my life, I want to tell you something. But I don’t want you to be upset with me. More than once, I smelled a bad odor from your armpits and I Said I wanted to tell you because I don’t want this thing to be harming you. 

There is a deodorant that I love and use, and it doesn’t make any body odor at all. If you want, I can send you the link. Also, I had a friend who had the same problem. She did botox and felt so relieved. 

Arabic script: 

بعرف وحده عندها ريحة جسم مع انه بيتها مرتب وتيابها دائماً نضاف ومرتبين بس ما بعرف ليش اغلب الاحيان بشم عندها ريحة باط انو بتصير مع الكل، بس حسيت لازم خبرها لأن ما بدي هيدا يكون عم يئذيها و يبعد العالم عنها.

 قصة جديدة بعتولي ياها خلينا نحكي عنها بالعربي.

 ليكوا شو قلت لها، حياتي بدي قلك شي بس ما بدي ياكي تزعلي مني، كذا مرة شميت عندك ريحة باط وقلت بدي قلك لان ما بدي هيدا الشي يكون عم يئذيكي.

 في ديو درون ( عطر) بحبها كتير وبستعملها وما بيطلع ريحة أبداً، ازا بدك فيني إبعتلك لينك وكمان عندي كان رفيقة كان عندها ذات المشكله عملت بوتوكس وهلق ارتاحت كتير.

English Translation: 

Ba3ref we7deh 3inda ri7et jesem. Ma32inu bayta mratab w tyeba dayman ndaf w mratabeen. Bus ma ba3ref lesh aghlab el-a7yen bshim 3inda ri7et bat. Inu bitser ma3 el-kil. Bus 7aset lezim khabera le2an ma bade hayda shi ykun 3am ye2ziha w yba3ed el-3alam 3ana. 

Osha jdidh ba3atoleh yeha khalina ne7ke 3ana bil 3arabe. 

Laiko shu eltela. 7ayete bade elik shi bus ma bade yeke tiz3ale mine. Kaza marah shamet 3indek ri7et bat w elit bade elek la2an ma bade hayda shi ykun 3am ye2zike. 

Fi deodorant b7eba ktir w bista3mela w ma bitale3 ri7ah abadan. Iza badek fiye eb3atlek el-link. W kamen 3inde ken rfe2ah kan 3inda zet el-meshkleh 3imlit botox w hal2 rte7it ktir. 


Vocabulary Masculine Feminine Notes (if any)
Neat Mratab Mratabeh This word doesn’t only mean neat. It’s a beautiful adjective to use to describe someone proper and clean as well. 
Clothes Tyeb
Smell Ri7ah Example: 

Ri7ah 7ilweh (nice smell) 

Ri7ah bish3ah (ugly smell)

To harm Y2ze Root “Aza”

Imperfect “Y2ze”

To distance (for people) Yba3ed Root “Ba3’3ad”

Imperfect “Yba3ed”

Comes from the noun far: b3id 


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