If your friend has invited everyone to her wedding except you, it can be a hurtful and confusing experience. The best course of action is to approach the situation with open communication. Ever wondered how to talk about this in Arabic? This week’s new video, I will share a story that was shared by you and talk about it in Arabic. As usual, watch the video at the end of the page and check out the important vocabulary that you might need to add to your list.

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Notes of Video Wedding”. 

Phonetic Script:  

Rfe2te 3azamit kil as7abna 3ala 3ersa ela ana! Shu ba3mul?

A new story shared by you, let’s talk about it in Arabic. 

Akid hayda shi biza3elne law ana ma7alek. Bus fike ta3emle sha-gheltein. Fike tanshiha w ma t2ole shi abadan! Bil 3arabe min2ol ‘la ejrek’. Bil 3akes hek btkune wafarte 3ala 7alek masare le2an ken lezim tshtrela hdiyeh aw cadeau. 

Hal2 iza badek twa27e 3ein, fike te7emle telephone, w de2ela, w t2ilila enta we7de bala zo2 w bala akhla2. Kholsit

Arabic script: 

رفيقتي عزمت كل اصحابنا على عرسها، الا انا شو بعمل؟ 

قصة جديدة بعتولي ياها انتو، خلينا نحكي عنها بالعربي. 

اكيد هيدى الشيء بزعلني لو انا محلك، بس فيكي تعملي شغلتين فيكي تطنشيها وما تقولي شيء ابداً، بالعربي منقول لاجرك،  بالعكس هيك بتكوني وفرتي على حالك مصاري لان كان لازم تشتري لها هدية او كادو cadeau.

هلأ إذا بدك توقحي عين فيكي تحملي التليفون وتدقي لها وتقولي لها انت وحدة بلا ذوق وبلا اخلاق، خلصت!

English Translation: 

My friend invited all our friends to her wedding except me. What do I do? A new story shared by you. Let’s talk about it in Arabic. 

Of course this would make me sad if I were you, but you can do two things. You can ignore her and not say anything at all. In Arabic we say, ‘for your leg’. On the contrary, you would have saved yourself some money because you needed to buy her gift. 

But if you want to be unapologetic, you can hold the telephone and call her and tell her you have ‘zero taste and zero moral’. It’s done! 


Vocabulary Masculine Feminine Notes (if any)
Wedding 3eres
Thing Shaghleh You can also say ‘shi’ which means something. But ‘something’ can’t be changed into duals. Whereas, if you are trying to say two things, you must say sha-gheltien. 
Ignore Tanesh Tanshe’ Ignore her: Tanshiha 

Ignore him: Tanshe

The root verb is Tanash(Ytanesh). And this word is in the command form. 

To your leg La ejrak La ejrek A phrase that means ‘don’t care’
Gift Hdiyeh
To be unapologetic Twa2e7 3ein Twa27e 3ein Literal meaning is: not make your eyes shy. We say it when we are trying to ask or do something without being shy about it. 
No taste Bala zo2 Which means no class or no manners
No manners Bala akhla2 No manners
Done! Kholsit Comes from the verb to finish: Kholis (ykhlas)

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