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Discussing social and controversial topics while learning a language fosters critical thinking skills by encouraging learners to consider diverse perspectives and engage in meaningful dialogue. It enhances language fluency as learners navigate complex discussions, expanding their vocabulary and honing their communication abilities. Hence, this is why I chose to talk about this topic today! I recommend to watch my Instagram video first, then watch it again while reading the subtitles, and then you can choose what vocabulary you would like to add to your flashcards.

Notes of Video “Cheating Husband”. 

Phonetic Script:  

Shefit zog rfe2te e3id b Starbucks ma3 we7de tenyeh b jalseh 7amimiyeh, b2ol la marto shi? 

Shakhes minkon ba3atle hal osha w sa2alna kif fina ne7ke 3an hayda el-mawdo3 bil 3arabe. Ka ahel el-balad, ni7na hek minla2le2

Awal shi, shu m2a3dek b Starbucks? Ma ni7na m2at3in

Tene shi, ente m2aqadeh inu hayda huwe? Mish balke 7adan byeshbahu? Hal2 iza m2aqadeh miyeh bil miyeh, fike tsawre w teb3ate el-sorah la marto w tis2aliha iza hayda jawza. Hayda eza badek tekherbeh bayta

Iza ana ma7alek, bro7 la 3indo bsalem 3ale w bis2alo, ‘wein marto w kifa w waina?’ Yimkin el-mara yale ma3o ma bta3ref inu huwe mjawaz. 

Arabic script: 

شفت زوج رفيقتي قاعد بستاربكس مع وحدة تانية بجلسة حميمية، بقول لمرته شي؟

 شخص منكن بعتلي هالقصة وسألنا كيف فينا حكي عن هالموضوع بالعربي. كأهل البلد نحن هيك منلَقلِق

 أول شي شو مقعدك بستاربكس ما نحن مقاطعين

 تاني شي إنت مأكدة إنو هيدا هوي مش بركي حدا بيشبهه؟ هلأ إذا مأكّدة مية بالمية فيكي تصوريه وتبعتي الصورة لمرته وتسأليها إذا هيدا جوزها، هيدا إذا بدك تخربي بيتها

 إذا انا محلك بروح لعنده بسلم عليه وبسأله وين مرته، كيفها ووينها، يمكن المرأة يلي معه ما بتعرف انه هوي مجوز

English Translation: 

I saw my friend’s husband sitting in Starbucks with another woman in an intimate setting. Do I tell his wife? 

One of you sent me the story and asked us how can we talk about this in Arabic? As natives, this is how I would spill the tea. 

First of all, why are you sitting in Starbucks? We are boycotting that!

Second of all. Are you sure it’s him not someone who looks like him? If you are 100% sure you can take a picture and send it to his wife and ask her if that’s her husband. This is if you want to wreck her home. 

If I were you, I would go to him, say hi and ask him where his wife is, how is she, and where is she? Maybe the woman that is with him does not know that he is married. 


Word Masculine Feminine Notes (if any)
Intimate setting Jalseh 7amimiyeh This phrase can also be used to refer to an intimate gathering with your friends. Not romantically only. 
Spill the tea  Minla2le2 It’s a verb. The root is ‘La2la2 / لقلق” and the imperfect form is ‘Yla2le2 / يلقلق’ 

The noun would be ‘La2la2ah / لقلقة’

Boycotting M2ate3 M2at3ah  And the plural is m2at3in. 
100 percent  Miyeh bil miyeh Very useful phrase and has no gender. 
Wreck her/his home Tekherbeh bayto Tekherbeh bayta Very common phrase that is used. The phrase is made of two words, to ruin or wreck and house. The root verb for to ruin is ‘Kharab / خرب’ and the imperfect is ‘Ykhrob / يخرب’

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