Expat Moving to Lebanon? 4 Things You Need to Know in Arabic

Expat Moving to Lebanon? 4 Things You Need to Know in Arabic

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Despite the political and economic challenges that Lebanon faces, these factors combine to create an appealing environment for many expats. Expats love Lebanon for several reasons, many of which revolve around the country’s unique combination of food, culture, lifestyle, and environment. If you are an expat and moving to Lebanon I highly recommend you add these 4 things you need to know and add into your ‘vocabulary bucket list’ 😉. 

4 Things every expat moving to Lebanon should know:

Arabic Phonetics  Translation  Notes
طفي القازان! تك الدجنكتور!  Taffe’ el azan, takk el denjaunteur! Turn off the boiler, the breaker shut off!  In Lebanon, Due to the unreliable public electricity supply, many people rely on private generators to meet their energy needs during outages. 
شو دورتو؟ راحت الكهربا!  Shu dawartu? Ra7et el-kahraba!  What did you turn on? The electricity went away! Lebanon suffers from frequent and prolonged power outages. Many areas experience daily blackouts that can last for several hours.
بدك تنزلي على جميزي؟ تاكسي ولا سرفيس؟ Badek tinzale 3al Gemaize? Taxi wala service?  You want to go to Gemaize? Taxi or pool?  “Service” taxis operate on a shared basis. You share the ride with other passengers who are traveling in the same general direction.
عم تنبشي على شغل بلبنان؟ عندك واسطة؟ 3am tnabshe’ ala shoghol b Lebnen? 3indek wasta? Looking for work in Lebanon? Do you have connections?  If there is one useful word that you need to know in Lebanese, it’s definitely ‘wasta’. Wasta means connections or knowing people that will help you get things done. Could be anything from finding a job to expediting a passport. 

No matter how challenging the economic situation might be, as an expat, you will enjoy every minute of your time in Lebanon. The country’s rich cultural heritage, vibrant social scene, stunning landscapes, and incredibly hospitable people make it a truly amazing place to live and visit.

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