The belief in the evil eye, or “ayn al-hasud,” is deeply rooted in Middle Eastern culture, spanning across various countries and communities. This ancient superstition holds that a malevolent glare, often fueled by envy or ill-will, can bring misfortune, illness, or even death to the unsuspecting recipient. From everyday mishaps to major life events, many in the Middle East attribute unexplained difficulties to the sinister influence of the evil eye. Protective charms, such as the blue eye amulet or “hamsa” hand, are commonly used to ward off this negative energy. The pervasive belief in the evil eye shapes social interactions and cultural practices, demonstrating the enduring power of superstition in the modern world.

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In today’s video, that is available at the bottom of the page. I share a story about how my day went wrong using three useful “injuring verbs” and blaming it all on the “3ein”.

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Notes of Video “Verbs”

Phonetic Script:  

7aseh 3laye 3ein el-yom! Ta3o khaberkon shu sar ma3e el-yom: w 3eit el-sobo7 w elet bade eshrab finjen ahweh 3ala rawa2 w makhmekh abel ma yfe2o wlede. B2om bokhbut ku3e bil daraj! Elna meshe! W ana w feyteh 3al matbakh bitfarkash bil sejedeh! Elit la 7ale ya benit rakze shu beke el-yom! Jet e23od w eshrab hal fenjen el-ahweh 3ala rawa2 w shayek el-instagram abel ma yfe2o wlede, b2om bid3as 3ala el-Lego. Serit ayletlon alef marah, “dobo el-al3ab ya wled!”

Arabic script: 

حاسة عليه عين اليوم، تعو خبركم شو صار معي اليوم: وعيت الصبح وقلت بدي انزل اعمل فنجان قهوة على رواق ومخمخ فيه قبل ما يفيقوا ولادي. بقوم بخبط كوعي بالدرج قلنا ماشي! وانا وفايته عالمطبخ بتفركش بالسجادة! قلت لحالي يا بنت ركزي شو بكي اليوم. جيت القعد واشرب هالفنجان القهوة على رواق وشيك الانستغرام قبل ما يفيقوا ولادي, بقوم بدعس على الليغوا. صرت قالتهم الف مرة ,”ضبوا الالعاب يا ولاد”.

English Translation: 

I feel I have an eye on me today!  Let me tell you what happened to me today. I work up early in the morning and I said I want to go down and make a cup of coffee and enjoy it mindfully before my kids wake up. I hit my elbow with the stairs. We said it’s okay! While I’m entering the kitchen, I trip on the carpet. I told myself ‘Girl, focus what is up with you today?”. I came to sit drinking my coffee, checking my instagram before my kids woke up. I step on a Lego! I’ve told them 1 thousand times to pack the toys, kids!”

Root  Imperfect 
Khabat / خبط Ykh-bot / يخبط
Tfakrash / تفركش Yt-far-kash / يتفركش
Da3as / دعس Yd3as / يدعس

In conclusion, the belief in the evil eye remains a significant aspect of Middle Eastern culture, influencing daily life and social interactions. Despite the advances in science and technology, this ancient superstition continues to hold sway, with many attributing their misfortunes and challenges to its malevolent power. Protective rituals and amulets are still widely used, reflecting a deep-seated cultural heritage that blends the mystical with the everyday. The enduring presence of the evil eye in the Middle East highlights the powerful role of tradition and belief in shaping human experiences and perceptions.

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