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In Levantine Arabic, there are various colorful expressions to describe someone who might be considered “lame” or uninteresting. These words capture a range of nuances, from being boring to lacking charisma. Let’s explore five such words that are commonly used in everyday conversations in the Levantine region.

كمخ، جلق. غليظ، سميك وما بينبلع

Adjective (m/f) #1 غليظ، غليظة


مش معقول هالبنت شو غليظة
Sentence (Phonetics) Mish ma32ol hal benet shu ghalizah! 


Unbelievable, this girl is so “lame, annoying”


Adjective (m/f) #2  سميك، سميكة


ما تقولي لجون انو نحنا ضاهرين اليوم، ما بدي اياه يجي معنا، كتير سميك هالصبي
Sentence (Phonetics) Ma t2olo la John inu ni7na dahreen elyom, ma bade yeh yeje ma3na. Ktir smik hal sabe’. 
Translation  Don’t tell John we are going out today, I don’t want him to come with us. Very ‘lame, thick’ guy. 


Adjective (m/f) #3 كمخ، وكمخة


فظيعة، شو كمخة هالمخلوقة!
Sentence (Phonetics) Fazi3ah, shu kemkhah hal makhlo2ah! 
Translation  Unbelievable (as ew) really “lame, boring” this creature. 

*Creature here is commonly used in positive situations as well. 


Adjective (m/f) #4 جلق، وجلقة


بدي اعرف شو حابة فيه هالشب كتير جلق! 
Sentence (Phonetics) Bade a3ref shu habeh fi hal shab, ktir jle2!
Translation  I want to know what she loves about this boy, he is very ‘lame, annoying’. 


Adjective (m/f) #5 ما بينبلع، ما بتنبلع


بتحسي جون مهضوم؟ ما بعرف ليش بحسه ما بينبلع
Sentence (Phonetics) Bit7ese John mahdoum? Ma ba3ref lesh b7esu ma byinbala3
Translation  Do you feel John is nice (funny)? I don’t Why I feel ‘he’s indigestible’


In conclusion, Levantine Arabic offers a rich tapestry of expressions to describe someone who might be considered lame or uninteresting. Words like ممل (Mammel), باهت (Bahet), تافه (Tafeh), مزعج (Muz’ej), and نشيز (Nasheez) each provide a unique shade of meaning, helping to precisely convey various aspects of a person’s dullness or lack of appeal. Understanding these terms not only enriches your vocabulary but also deepens your appreciation for the nuances of Levantine Arabic culture and communication.